My time. – James


Hey Everyone,

Last week, I headed down to Nashville to work on some recordings at a place called The Silent Planet. But I’m not gonna lie, I kinda went down there for leisure as well. And, I have to say…I’m freaking blown away by Nashville.

It was actually my first time spending a prolonged time in the city. I’ve driven through Nashville, but never actually spent time or played a show there.

The city was surprising by it’s “big-small town” feel. Like seriously, anywhere I went with someone they would bump into someone they knew. It kinda reminded me of a home, but a much more awesome version. Replace pigs and grain silos with hipster musicians and art.

Even walking around the town felt right. Like I had been there before or was used too it. Almost like déjà vu of some sort.

Away from the studio, I visited a few restaurants and cliche tourist places but the best place, besides Silent Planet, was Third Man Records. I pretty much fangirled out at the thought of being that close to Jack White’s legacy he’s built. I wanted to storm through the halls to find him and just be able to meet one of my heroes, but instead I contained myself and settled on gazing at souvenirs. I spent a few minutes or so having a revelation moment deciding on moving to Nashville after gazing at Jack’s triumphs on the walls. So I enquired with the clerk on how one get’s a job at Third Man and blah-blah-blah….apparently you do an internship.

I decided that probably wasn’t the best move.

Exploring and being a tourist wasn’t the main reason I was there though. The band was. And might I say…Nashville musicians will chew you up and spit you out in the best of ways.

I never realized till after recording that week…but damn my rhythm sucks apparently. The metronome is my mortal enemy. (I hate you, clicking devil)

But the people I worked with and met taught me so much in just that week. Tone, timing, writing, gear, recording… I mean just in a week I learned a ton of stuff that I never had a clue on pre-trip. So I felt blessed in that aspect.

The musicians there excellent players and people. They pointed out my flaws, with love. It’s like they new exactly what you wanted to do with a song, translated it with their skills, and crafted it in the studio along with you. Incredible talent.

Anyways, I’m gonna wrap up my rambling by saying that Nashville is one of the coolest places. It’s just loaded with Music, Art, Culture, while somehow maintaining a small town feel. I’ve never experienced anything like it and yet I have. It’s bizarre. But I’m excited to head back in April to finish up the album as well as see what the town has to offer.

Nashville, you’re the shiz. I love you and can’t wait to go back and work on the album some more.

With love,

So Be It!

This band is an alternative triquetra of sound. Talk less, listen more. If you have ears, lend them. If you have eyes, open them. If you have a backbone, may it slip your head into rhythmic adornment, until hendrix himself tells you, ” be still.”